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Rochford Realty and Construction Company is more than just a custom home builder.

We imagine, plan, and construct entire communities where like-minded residents can build memories that last a lifetime. Our attention-to-detail, meticulous planning, convenient amenities bring unique communities to life and allow homeowners a luxurious lifestyle without even the thought of compromise.

Luxury Apartments & Condominiums

Local Neighborhoods

  • Stephens Valley, Williamson County
  • Deer Park at Temple Hills, Williamson County
  • Riverside, Bellevue
  • Temple Ridge, Williamson County
  • Parkview at Riverwalk, Bellevue
  • The Reserve at Oakland, Montgomery County
  • The Reserve at Temple Hills, Williamson County

Senior Living Communities

Current Community Projects

Stephens Valley

Stephens Valley is a nature-centered, family-oriented housing development currently under construction in Williamson County. Built on land purchased by the Stephens family in the 1930’s, the community integrates modern architectural advancements with a classic, small-town feel.

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Three-story Painted Brick Custom Home

Reserve at Temple Hills

Inspired by the splendor of Williamson County’s majestic rolling hills, The Reserve at Temple hills invites discerning homeowners with uncompromising tastes. Against the backdrop of undisturbed natural beauty, every detail of The Reserve was designed to create an extraordinary opportunity for those seeking a refined lifestyle.

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Two-story House on Oakland

Reserve at Oakland

With generous greenspace, scenic walking trails on Spring Creek, and plenty of playgrounds and sidewalks, The Reserve at Oakland provides residents with endless options that allow them to fully enjoy all that nature has to offer.

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Two-story Home at Cottages of Providence

Cottages of Providence

Today’s active adults are busier, fitter, and more dynamic than ever before. In fact, people aged 55 and older are not ready to slow down at all. On the contrary, they are ready to enjoy their middle maturity in style! The Cottages of Providence is a community designed especially for active adults who are ready to live their lives without making compromises.

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Everyone knows that you don’t just buy the house. You buy the neighborhood. Surround yourself with people, sights, and memories that make you feel right at home and help you to live the life you’ve always imagined for yourself. You belong here! Contact us today to get started!

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